Apr 01, 2011 Loren Heinzeroth

Getting Your Brand Back Into Play at Retail

The good news: Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Menard’s and other retailers have standardized in-store POP to give their stores a uniform look and an inviting, shopper-friendly atmosphere.

Not-so-good news: Your opportunity for branding is greatly reduced, with highly formatted, non-branded signs or no signs at all to tell your unique story. Often, your message is restricted to what you can do on the product or package itself.

To help your products get noticed in an increasingly brand-scrubbed retail environment, there are several merchandising strategies you can consider.

Merchandising Strategies

1. Create a focal point with your largest packages

Use the “billboard capability” of larger packs to mark your brand’s territory. Make your logo as big as possible on those larger packs.

2. Include branded signage in your promotional displays

Go outside the usual standards by placing your logo on temporary promotional signage. Many retailers have more flexible standards when it comes to promo graphics.

3. Use product samples to place your brand front and center

If your product can be displayed as a physical sample, develop a selection guide or other informational sign for your brand using actual product samples instead of photos.

4. Equip the store associates

You may not be able to put up the signs you want. But store associates can give their departments a personal touch. Provide them some tools to do just that. After a PK session, give them a kit they can use to create end caps and counter displays featuring your products and logo.

5. Bump up your logo on the product itself

Is your product logotized? This is even more important if the product is typically displayed out of its package. Use wrap labels or decals with permanent adhesive. Or retool your products to include a molded logo in prominent position.

Wherever we go it seems that store brands are gaining the advantage. To us, that just isn’t fair to tried-and-true brands. Unfortunately, we have to play by their rules. But we can maximize our position by leveraging our brand strengths and learning to maneuver strategically within the new system.

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Published by Loren Heinzeroth April 1, 2011
Loren Heinzeroth