Apr 03, 2017 Chris Kelley

Write Better Case Studies for B2B Marketing Programs

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Write Better Case Studies for B2B Marketing Programs

Today’s fast-paced, digital communications can create real challenges for B2B marketing professionals. One of the biggest hurdles is developing a plan to generate a continuous flow of fresh content to keep your customers and prospects engaged through social media channels, targeted eMarketing campaigns as well as regular updates of your website.

Developing and supporting a case study program is an extremely effective way to help relieve your content creation burden while establishing your company’s credibility and areas of expertise.

The goal of a case study program is to build a library of success stories that can be utilized as traditional sales tools as well as an ongoing stream of content for digital distribution.

A recently completed survey of B2B buyers revealed that the primary purpose of visiting a vendor website is to qualify the vendor before moving on in the purchasing process.

Busy buyers typically go directly to product and service pages when visiting a vendor website. After pricing information, case studies tied with technical data as the highest ranking vendor website “must have” by survey respondents. Buyers also ranked case studies as No.1 for “content lacking on vendor websites.”

An alternative to the more expensive, time-consuming case study approach is the use of leaner, more easily digestible “application profiles” (also known as “project spotlights”). Application Profiles (APs) are mini case studies that provide just the basics about how your products or services successfully met a specific customer need.

Published by Chris Kelley April 3, 2017
Chris Kelley