Jul 15, 2012 Loren Heinzeroth

Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales on Amazon

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Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales on Amazon

Using A+ Page Content to Communicate Product Details

If you have products on Amazon.com and are looking for ways to energize sales, upgrading your page content to Amazon’s A+ format may be worth considering for key items. Enhancing your pages with demonstration videos, animated GIFs, more views of the product and deeper product descriptions may provide the lift needed to make your Amazon experience far more successful.

With Amazon A+ pages, you can spotlight products with 360˚ viewable product images, expand product descriptions to include things like “what’s in the box” and “installation tips”, and you can insert click-to-enlarge views of manuals and sell sheets.

If your product is one in a series, Amazon also now gives you the ability to include a buyer’s guide to show where this product fits in the spectrum. Showing all items in the series may also lead shoppers to other, more appropriate choices and accessories, saving the sale and possibly trading customers up to higher margin offerings.

At an additional annual fee charged by Amazon of up to $1500 per product, as reported by our clients that have recently updated their Amazon programs, A+ pages may not be for everyone. But the investment may be more than worthwhile for selected products.

In conclusion, utilizing Amazon's A+ page format is a great way to enhance your product pages and potentially boost sales. With features such as 360˚ viewable product images, expanded product descriptions, and the ability to include a buyer's guide for product series, it's no wonder that some clients have reported a significant return on investment. While the additional annual fee may not be for everyone, it's worth considering for selected products.

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Published by Loren Heinzeroth July 15, 2012
Loren Heinzeroth