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How Heinzeroth Updated Culligan Packaging Design

New packaging hits ACE shelves

Heinzeroth Marketing Group was chosen to redevelop Culligan’s retail packaging program for their line of DIY home filtration products. The goals of the packaging redesign were to engage the consumer, facilitate the product selection process, convert the consumer into a customer and ultimately increase turns at the store level. Culligan is a world leader in filtration systems and water treatment solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

In order to better understand the consumer and identify opportunities for improvement, Heinzeroth Marketing Group spearheaded qualitative research using focus groups with the added component of an in-store shopping exercise. Groups were selected and asked to shop the water filtration assortment at a local home improvement store. A comprehensive worksheet was completed and during the focus group, participants reported their findings and contributed ideas about water problems and filtration solutions they may have used in the past or present.

Heinzeroth Marketing Group was selected to lead this critical package redevelopment program due to their extensive in-store experience and research driven, customer-centric approach.

Doug Olson, Director of Retail, Culligan International

Heinzeroth Marketing Group applied this information to develop a design brief addressing key issues that were detected in the research. These issues included visual clutter, confusing selection guides, lack of product/installation information and uninformed store employees. The following are five key features designed into the new, high-impact packaging, to improve shoppability and convert consumer interest to sales:

  • A Clear Benefit Statement incorporating product use and features
  • Color-Coded Filtration Category – Drinking Water, Whole House – to simplify filtration choice
  • Highlighted Performance level – Basic, Advanced, Premium – within each filter type category
  • Installation Photos for visual reference
  • Prominent Brand Identification to increase brand awareness

Culligan’s updated DIY packaging program was quickly adopted for warehouse support in the co-op hardware channel, with a nationwide rollout in process at Ace, True Value and Do-It-Best stores. More than 30 new SKUs were also added to the Ace Hardware in-stock program, with more in the design phase. In addition, the updated packaging is improving Culligan’s position at numerous other leading retailers including Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Culligan's new packaging program, developed by Heinzeroth Marketing Group, has successfully improved shoppability and increased sales at various retailers. Through qualitative research and a customer-centric approach, the packaging redesign incorporates key features such as a clear benefit statement, color-coded filtration categories, and installation photos. As a result, Culligan has gained a stronger position in the market and expanded their in-stock program at Ace Hardware.

If you're looking to set up a retail packaging program for your business, contact Heinzeroth Marketing Group for our expertise and research-driven approach.

Published by Roger Peterson November 1, 2012
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