Dec 09, 2015 Roger Peterson

Heinzeroth develops new website for Northern Illinois Hospice


To provide a more compelling and relevant format for sharing the inspiring stories of its patients and their families, volunteers and staff members, Northern Illinois Hospice partnered with Heinzeroth to develop a fresh, content-rich website to increase engagement and conversion.

Highlights include:

  • A user-friendly content management system allows Northern Illinois Hospice to easily update the site with news, feature articles, events, photos, blog posts and videos, while social media content is automatically posted on the site via cross-channel integration.
  • Interactive viral strategy encourages visitors to share site content (posts, stories, videos, events, etc.) via their own social channels or to share their personal Northern Illinois Hospice stories on the site itself.
  • Call-to-action buttons strategically located on every page ensure that visitors have easy one-click access for requesting services, improving patient/family access to hospice care while increasing conversion rates.
  • SEO-friendly strategy includes an emphasis on multiple internal links to improve the site’s search ranking.
  • Font adjustment feature allows for quick type-size increases/decreases to improve legibility.
Published by Roger Peterson December 9, 2015
Roger Peterson