Jan 11, 2018 Loren Heinzeroth

New Paint Color Trends for 2018

After several years of subdued gray tones and whites dominating (or should we say “minimizing”) the design landscape, it’s nice to see that more vibrant colors may be back as inspiration for graphic design and marketing overall. This shift is trending in recently announced paint colors by major coatings brands as well as in the predictions of leading influencers such as Color Marketing Group, Pantone and others.

The impact on graphic design tends to follow these color influences which are said to reflect the pulse in emerging colors, mostly as used in home interiors, fashion and pop culture.

Mark Woodman, president of Color Marketing Group, notes that “We are leaving a minimalist stage and craving a bit of maximalism, … now realizing the need to add punch and a bit of luxury or depth – all by adding color to our relatively neutral spaces.”   Source: Kitchen & Bath Business, January 2018 

Still, this emphasis on more vibrant colors wll not likely do away with neutrals altogether, as forecast by the experts. The two basic choices are expected to be paired, with bolder hues and jewel tones suggesting energy and passion, and neutrals used in harmony with those brighter colors to retain a sense of sanctuary and visual calm.

For your planning of marketing materials and possibly as a consideration for setting any new directions for your brand standards, here is a compilation of the top colors for 2018. Note: the visuals here are not intended to be an exact representation of the colors. For better reference, visit the websites of the coatings brands noted below or pick up the newest paint chips at a local paint dealer.


Color of the year: PANTONE Ultra Violet 18-3838



(introducing 20 new colors for 2018)

Color of the year: "In The Moment” spruce blue



Color of the month (January 2018): Oceanside

This jewel-toned green is one of SW’s “Unity” colors for 2018.



Benjamin Moore

Color of the year: Caliente AF-290


Dunn Edwards

Color of the year: The Green Hour DET544

Green pallet:


Rose pallet:


Southwest pallet:



Color of the year: Black Flame PPG1043-7



Of course, if you don't happen to like any or all of these colors, please don't slay the messenger. But do draw your own conclusions about how suitable these new colors may be for your marketing communications.

Published by Loren Heinzeroth January 11, 2018
Loren Heinzeroth