Perception Kayak

Upsell shoppers without treading water.

Client Brief

As a key brand of kayaks, Perception is known to paddlers everywhere for its premium features and wide range of accessories. But lower-priced brands dominated the assortment and sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Our challenge was to upgrade shopper preferences to premium Perception features while earning greater in-store presence and improved margins for the retailer.


850 Dick's Sporting Goods Stores

With a large amount of floor space devoted to kayaks during peak seasons, Heinzeroth developed a new point-of-purchase strategy and content including free-standing display with flip chart, take-home product brochures and on-boat labeling to guide shopper selection toward the Perception brand. The strategy increased inventory and sales at 850 Dick’s Sporting Goods stores.

01 Point of Purchase Display


02 Brochure Design

03 "Truth Labels"

We created a visual system for shoppers to compare the value of Perception kayaks versus their competitors. These “Truth Labels” applied to the boat provided a quick comparison of premium features such as comfort, stability, safety, durability, innovative design details, and the shopper’s intended use, such as lakes, streams, ocean, or other waters.
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