Horton Automatics

Building gateways to new content marketing opportunities.

Client Brief

Horton Automatics, a leading manufacturer of automatic doors for commercial, institutional, industrial and transportation applications, needs to engage busy architects, building contractors and specifiers, without relying on the "hard sell."

“Heinzeroth Marketing Group has been an excellent partner, helping us develop a solid strategy for reaching the architect audience and making sure that our distributors are in a position to follow through with their own grassroots marketing on a local level.”

J. Elias Campos
VP of Marketing
Horton Pedestrian Access Solutions

01 Literature

Heinzeroth coordinates, writes, and designs Horton’s family of product literature, including product catalogs and selection guides, sales sell sheets, and project spotlights for their customers – architects, and specifiers – to gather information, review options, and make purchase decisions to enhance traffic flow, pedestrian safety, and building aesthetics.

02 Print Advertising

03 Digital Advertising






04 Logo Development


New Brand Flex-ibility

Horton helped open the door to a budget-friendly brand extension with a bold, eye-catching logo design consistent with Horton brand standards. 

05 Email Marketing




06 Brand Awareness Study

Understanding your continually evolving target audience is key to optimizing marketing strategy and brand performance. That’s why Heinzeroth reaches out to nearly 20,000 architects annually to conduct a brand performance study to measure the strength of the Horton brand in relation to key competitors across various market segments. Result are put to good use... seizing opportunities for growth and crafting messages that are more engaging.


07 Media Planning

Heinzeroth plans, executes, and continually optimizes the advertising program for Horton. From programmatic digital to social media advertising to Search Engine marketing (SEM), and traditional channels, we employ an array of leading-edge tactics to target and deliver audiences precisely and efficiently.

08 SEO

Heinzeroth executes the ongoing search engine optimization program for Horton, improving site performance by making Horton easier to find on search engine results pages for a commercial door provider.



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